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Depth of Field explained

Depth of field is how much you want of something you want to have in your shot. “Depth of field is controlled by changing the aperture setting on your camera.” Any camera has a lens, an iris inside that can… Continue Reading →

Depth of Field

Word Art

Camera Modes

Automatic modes: Automatic mode – Auto mode tells the camera to use the best judgement to select the shutter speed, aperture, white balance, ISO, flash and focus tp take the best shot. Portrait mode – When you switch to portrait… Continue Reading →


I do have some what of a good composition. I have a focused point. I feel like I could have edited them to be more lively, more color and maybe even changed the subject to tell a story. If I… Continue Reading →


My collage represents things that are important to me. I included some of my hobbies and things I love. The rose represents my grandma who had done so much for me and my family. Music has always been a part… Continue Reading →


DSLR – “Digital single lens reflex.” There’s a mirror in the cameras that allow you to preview through the viewfinder. The major way that DSLRs are different is the “point and shoot.”  (Detachable lenses.) Prime lenses only have one focal… Continue Reading →

Portrait Read and Write

You can cut off a part of the models head, as long as it continues to tell a story. A good portrait is when a person tells a story. Every image has two people behind it. The photographer and the… Continue Reading →



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